Coaches Requirements

Both the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Region 11 CYO require the following:

  • Safe Environment: Protecting God’s Children Seminar, Part 1 (Virtus)—This is in “in person” seminar that must be completed prior to the start of any coaching with children and the rectory must have a record of a coach’s completion or they will not be permitted to coach.   Due to the current Pandemic, there are now online seminars available along with the “in person” seminars.  There are numerous classes offered throughout the archdiocese.  Click here.
  • Safe Environment:  Mandatory Reporter Training, Part 2—Mandatory Reporter Training is a three-part training module and is required of all coaches.  Upon completion, you must print out a certificate online and submit a copy to the rectory. Click the following link to begin this process.
  • Coaches Orientation Class —   This is an “in person” course required of all coaches.  It is also called the “Play Like a Champion” course, and is a “one time” requirement.   Dates and locations for this course can be found at  To register, click on this link, then click on “for coaches” in upper right corner, then click on “orientation information.”  If you can not attend an “in person” class during the time you are coaching a sport you must plan to attend the very next offered course.
  • IT Technology Addendum — Coaches who were trained after July 2011 will no longer be required to complete and submit the Technology Addendum quiz.  They will only be required to review and submit their signature on an acknowledgement form to the place of service.  Click here to read the Technology Addendum and click the following document  AOP Info & Comm Tech Addendum Form to obtain an acknowledgment form.  Since the AOP believes that those that still need this information has diminished substantially they are now eliminating the training quiz component.  Those who are newly trained are already receiving the necessary information.  Please submit two copies of the form above to the Rectory.
  • PA Criminal Background Check—This must be completed every 5 years and must be current for the season in which the coach anticipates coaching.   An email will be sent to you upon completion and this certificate can then be printed out.  Click here  to begin the on-line Criminal Background Check.
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance—This must be completed every 5 years and must be current for the season in which the coach anticipates coaching.   The Criminal Background Check must accompany the Child Abuse Clearance Form.  It can take 1-2 weeks for an on-line submission.  Renewals can sometimes be obtained in one day.  A Certificate will be mailed to requestor’s home, but you can also print out a copy online,  Click here to begin the on-line Child Abuse Clearance process.
  • Signed Disclosure Statement – Go to:  Click here
    • Under the banner “Staff & Volunteers”, select “Information for Volunteers.
    • Half way down the left hand side of the page is the link to the Disclosure statement.
  • All documents should be sent to the parish Safe Environment Coordinator, Megan Bryce, at or by mail to:  St. Alphonsus Rectory; Attn:  CYO Coaches Clearances; 33 Conwell Drive; Maple Glen, Pa  19002.